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  • Millinery Masters

    Wearing a top hat is something that is usually reserved for extremely special occasions, but these critters have decided that any day or time is worth donning their favourite piece of attire. Looking incredibly smart indeed, their style is likely to put most humans to shame. Continue reading

  • Proud Parents

    Parenting requires a lot of love and patience and can be a truly joyous experience. There may be times when you and your children won’t talk to each other, and there will be other times when they fall asleep crying in your arms. Parents deserve all the respect and admiration in the world, and that goes for the animal kingdom too! Continue reading

  • Black-Eared Beauties

    This beauty is the Caracal. The name caracal comes from the Turkish word ‘Karakulak’, which means “black-ear”. The biggest of the small cats, the caracal is sometimes called a Persian, or African Lynx, despite not being a lynx at all. Capable of leaping 3m (10ft) in the air, they were once trained for bird hunting in India and Iran. Continue reading

  • Tea Anyone? pt 2

    There are coffee drinkers and then there are tea drinkers, and rarely do the two blend (personally I’m a tea nut!). The majority of the following cuties seem to be tea aficionados, but let’s not exclude them from being closet coffee drinkers (we know what happens when “coffee people” don’t get their fix!) Continue reading

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